Cinematographer does a review about Wandering

"Echoes of the archive appear in two other films in the Canadian showcase, Le courant faible de la rivière (The River’s Lazy Edge) (dir. Joël Vaudreuil) and Errance (Wandering) (dir. Eleonore Goldberg). Both shorts are as different as films can be, as the former film offers a sardonically anecdotal account of a stillborn date at the lake by an old man who recalls the memory as he wanders to the water to have a smoke. Wandering, on the other hand, is a soberly nostalgic story of a woman in exile. Both films use an appropriate style to service the tone of their stories, as The River’s Lazy Edge is laid-back and quirky while Wandering is rendered in precise ink drawings that convey a sense of history recorded. "

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